Naomi Osaka star on Fortnite!

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Naomi Osaka star on Fortnite!

Naomi Osaka is among the Fortnite Icons! Osaka was always there and entertained, participating in the creation of costumes and items to use during battle royal, to buy in the Item Shop or to unlock in advance with a themed tournament.

By competing in the Naomi Osaka Cup on March 2, the best players in each region will unlock both costumes and decorative backs from the Naomi Osaka Set, as well as a Forbidden Ace Spray. Paired with the Naomi Osaka costume, the included Royal Racket Pickaxe creates a royal pink trail when you spin it.

Paired with the Naomi Dark Priestess costume, the Portal Forge Racket pickaxe creates a green trail conjured from unknown spiritual realms when swirled. Furthermore, by descending to the island, it is possible to ride the mist that filters from unknown dimensions with the Tavola di bruma cursed hang glider.

The Naomi Dark Priestess costume comes with the Neon Priestess alternate style. Naomi Osaka, over the course of her career, has won seven WTA titles out of eleven finals played, winning four Grand Slam tournaments: the US Open in 2018 and 2020 and the Australian Open in 2019 and 2021.

Following the first Australian success, on January 28, 2019 she became the first Asian to reach first place in the world ranking. She was the first Japanese to win a Grand Slam title and the third in the Open era to qualify for the WTA Finals.

In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was the highest paid female athlete ever, grossing $ 37, 60 and 57.3 million respectively. On 23 July 2021, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, she was the torchbearer who lit the Olympic brazier. Naomi took part in the 2021 French Open, where she beats Patricia Maria tig with a score of 6-4 7-64, but later, due to pressure received from the organizers and the possible disqualification from the tournament due to the decision to cancel the press conferences, Naomi decides to retire before the second round match, which saw her as opposed to Ana Bogdan.

In addition, the multiple Grand Slam champion was fined $ 15,000. She communicated her withdrawal, with the return to the field at a later date, through the various social networks.

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