Call of Duty is coming soon to Nintendo Switch: Details you need to know


Call of Duty is coming soon to Nintendo Switch: Details you need to know

We don't need to waste a lot of words for Call of Duty, as it is a game that has broken many records, and which, after 19 years since its first release, is still one of the strongest brands. The creators of this game do not cease to surprise us, and from year to year we see how much they have progressed, and that they want to remain competitive in a strong market.

There are few who do not know about this game, but in the next few lines we will present the COD and their latest version of this game: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War from 2020 In Black Ops Cold War, players are immersed in the deep and capricious geopolitical battles of the Cold War of the early 1980s.

Face historical figures and cruel truths as you fight in legendary places around the world, such as East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, the center of the Soviet KGB and elsewhere. As an elite operative, he follows the trail of a mysterious figure on a mission to destabilize the world's balance of power and change the course of history.

Descend along with the legendary Woods, Mason and Hudson, as well as new operatives, into the dark center of a global conspiracy and try to thwart the plan in preparation. In addition to the campaign, Cold War brings a whole arsenal of weapons and equipment in new ways Multiplayer and Zombie.


What many are wondering though is whether Call of Duty will be available on the Nintendo Switch. Well, we have to make you happy: Activision's Call of Duty franchise should soon be available on the Nintendo Switch console.

This was to be expected, as various Call of Duty titles were part of previous consoles, but the Switch never got its offer from this popular FPS. At least that's what one of the gaming industry insiders who is in charge of various rumors/leaks related to Call of Duty, RalphsValve, claims.

Insider wrote on his Twitter profile that the arrival of the Call of Duty franchise on the Nintendo Switch is inevitable. According to him, this is a remaster of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game. 2016 ,. Activision started with a remaster of this game, but it has not yet come to Switch.

Since Microsoft has made it clear that it plans to release this series on Switch, it is quite logical that this will be this game. Admittedly, this will also have its challenges, given the size of the game and the Switch console, but it is certainly a good start to test the transition of these games to the Switch version.

This could be a real refreshment for all those who enjoy Nintendo, and will have the opportunity to show their skill on Call of Duty. Of course, patience is needed, but it should not take long to switch to Nintendo.

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