Niantic shuts down Pokemon Go in Russia, Belarus

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Niantic shuts down Pokemon Go in Russia, Belarus

Niantic, Inc. has been in the newspaper a lot lately. The company introduced a very popular pokemon game, a location-based mobile application. The game delighted many and became number 1 a few years ago. Now it has a bit less popular, but it still ranks very well.

It is a great victory for a company that has only existed since October 2015. So, what is Niantić and what is the connection with Google? You will find out in the following lines Niantic, Inc. is managed by John Hanke, who has a long history of geolocation applications.

John Hanke started his journey with Google using a desktop application called Earth Viewer for a company he founded called Keyhole, Inc. The idea was perfect and it didn't take long for someone to take it over Google bought Keyhole (and John Hanke) and renamed it Google Earth software.

John Hanke then worked in product management for Google's "Geo" products, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Sketchup (a 3D design application that was later sold). It was here that he gained the big name he currently has.

Niantic cancels support for Pokémon Go in Russia and Belarus

Following a request from Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov that gaming companies stop operating in Russia and Belarus, Niantic announced that they would stop supporting Pokémon Go in those countries.

At a time when Russians and Belarusians are being sanctioned, this decision did not surprise anyone The company states that the download of the Pokémon Go game has already been disabled in these areas, and that the possibility of playing it will be suspended soon.

Many players will be disappointed, but unfortunately the policy of their leaders has led to this Sony has already suspended sales of games and consoles in Russia, and Microsoft has stopped all sales in the country. In addition, Nintedno also decided to stop selling games in those areas.

What a shock for some .. We will see if there will be a change in some things, because this will be a big blow to the Russian market