Ex-BioWare manager explains why The Witcher 3 was better than Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Ex-BioWare manager explains why The Witcher 3 was better than Dragon Age: Inquisition

There is not much to talk about Dragon Age because it broke many records, but unfortunately, the series did not continue with the same release in the sequel. Dragon Age 2 was much worse. Former studio manager BioWar explains why The Withcer 3 turned out better than Dragon Age Inquisition
“Dragon Age: Inquisition was a big one,” Flynn explains, as quoted by USAToday.

“Transitioning to Frostbite was a Herculean effort by that team and by the studio. That team did an amazing job of reimagining what Dragon Age could be, and after figuring out what that was, putting it all into that game – that was certainly a high mark for me”.

“To bend it to make RPG elements was certainly a challenge,” Flynn says. “It resulted in compromises and things that we certainly didn’t want to do if it weren’t for the technology limitations.

But the team found incredibly clever and reasonable ways around that whenever they could. I haven’t touched it in five years, so I can’t tell you where it’s at now, but I still see the bugs being recorded by players and other games and go, ‘Ah, that’s too bad.’

Biggest compromise

Then he discovered what the biggest compromise was “Mark Darrah, the former executive producer, had a famous line: ‘Frostbite has no notion of player or health,’ or something like that.

There are just things that make you like, ‘Oh, my God, what? Okay, we’ve got to do that.’ But I’d say the biggest compromise came from the fact that we had to ship Inquisition on the Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same time as we did on the PS4 and Xbox One.

That crushed so much ambition because we didn’t have the team size or the time to differentiate those things, truly. So you had to kind of develop the lowest common denominator. And as that came in, that certainly beat out some expectations and ambitions we had for certain fun features in gameplay.

In contrast, CD Projekt didn’t do that with The Witcher 3, a few months later, and I think their game was better for it”.