Age of empires IV Season One: Content reveal!

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Age of empires IV Season One: Content reveal!

If you run Age of Empires 4 for the first time, after a few settings you will be thrown directly into the tutorial, which explains the basics of the game. Players who are already familiar with the franchise will probably only be surprised by the details.

Most of the game is the same as in other games in this series. The Red Martyr Entertainment studio behind the development of this game has done an amazing job of dragging it into the gloomy world of Devil Worship and Holy District Witchcraft with its superb atmosphere and intriguing cast.

In the tutorial, for example, you have to gather resources with the villagers, train units, and attack enemy armies with appropriate counter-units - so far everything is known. As in the second part, there are four resources: wood, stone, gold, and food, which can be invested in technologies, buildings, and units to play campaigns, random computer simulations or compete against other players in multiplayer.

With Age of Empires 4, Microsoft has managed to create a worthy successor to the series' previous spin-offs. The real-time strategy game does not invent a wheel but offers a diverse and fun implementation of familiar and new elements.

AOE 4 additions

Next week Age of Empires 4 gets its first major expansion called the Festival of Ages. Significant additions are coming in: Content editor (beta version) with which players will be able to create their own maps, scenarios, rules and modifications for the game
The ranked multiplayer season, currently limited to the 1v1 format, will run for 12 weeks each, with players battling from bronze to diamond rank
MegaRandom is a type of random folder
seasonal events with a range of challenges and rewards for their execution
additional mission Art of War: Advanced Combat This is exactly what could arouse the interest of a large number of players.

It can be seen that the team worked hard to improve the game. So don't miss the chance that will come your way and try the new things that have been given to you.