30 years of video games that have written history

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30 years of video games that have written history

Starting from the 90s to the present, there have been video games that have written history, with epic consoles, unique scenarios, compelling stories and unforgettable gameplay. Tomb Raider of 1996 was the first historical chapter that sees the protagonist Lara Croft travel between Peru, Greece and Egypt to explore old tombs full of dangers, face dinosaurs like velociraptors and a tyrannosaurus, and the bad guys.

Super graphics, innovative gameplay and an engaging storyline, with a female protagonist who is an icon of beauty and strength. Resident Evil, from 1996, introduced zombies to video games. Capcom worked the miracle by launching the survival horror genre: two special forces soldiers against the ruthless Umbrella Corporation.

Resident Evil was all for the run gamer: absurd level of violence, top graphics, a truly compelling story and characters with a believable story. Resident Evil 2, two years later, surpassed the original chapter. Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, especially the latter, from 1997 and 1998, have rewritten the history of fantasy games.

Complex stories full of subplots, especially for FF8, with 4 game CD roms, with many characters, crazy graphics and a complex and articulated story.

30 years of video games that have written history

Metal Gear Solid from 1999 introduces the stealth game mode.

In fact, to complete the missions, it is not enough just to shoot enemies out, but also to disguise, hide and play cunning. The protagonist is Solid Snake, a secret agent who must defeat a gang of terrorists. Tekken 3 and Gran Turismo, both from 1998, are a truly addicting fighting game and car game, both in terms of fantastic graphics and gameplay.

Gran Turismo also had the possibility to customize the chosen car a lot. A year later, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, became a global phenomenon, where collectability had become the center of a game.
Call Of Duty and Halo have opened the door to online cooperative multiplayer gaming, but not only, thanks to their truly incredible graphics and gameplay with few rivals.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and World of Warcraft, from 2004, have opened a new chapter in the history of games, both from the point of view of playability (in GTA it is really possible to do EVERYTHING!) And of gameplay and graphics.

The last few years have been dominated by titles such as Assain's Creed, Minecraft and Fortnite, with the latter two being the absolute rulers, along with the soccer game FIFA and the first augmented reality game Pokemon Go.