Russia: Pokémon GO logins closed across the country!

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Russia: Pokémon GO logins closed across the country!

Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon GO in 2016, has decided to close access to the game for smartphones in both Russia and Belarus. In this case it is a total shutdown. Access to the game was therefore not restricted, nor were purchases closed, but players were completely prevented from accessing.

The Pokémon Company in recent days has made a donation for the Ukrainian population but has not talked about the withdrawal of all the games.

Meanwhile, on Pokemon GO in April...

Here are the main events of Pokemon GO by NIANTIC for the month of April, starting with the April Fool 2022 event.

has seen an increase in the activities of the members of the band, while the new season will be celebrated from 12 to 18 April with the Perfume of Spring event. During Sustainability Week, which will take place from April 20 to 25, you can instead reflect on the importance of sustainability while other Pokémon discovered in the Alola region will make their debut in Pokémon GO.

Community Day will take place on Saturday 23 April and will feature Stufful who for the occasion will make his debut in Pokémon GO and will appear more often in the wild. Pokemon Legendary Tapu Bulu, protector of Alola Ula'ula Island, will make his Pokémon GO debut in April's five-star raids.

Thundurus in Totem Form and Landorus in Totem Form will also appear in five-star raids. Events, Pokemon and Bonus Raid: Until Tuesday 5 April: Tapu Lele
From Tuesday 5th April to Tuesday 12th April: Thundurus in Totem Form
From Tuesday 12 April to Tuesday 26 April: Tapu Bulu
From Tuesday 26 April to Tuesday 3 May: Landorus in Totem Form Megaraid Until Tuesday 5th April: Mega Charizard Y
From Tuesday 5th April to Tuesday 12th April: MegaManectric
From Tuesday 12 April to Friday 29 April: Mega Pidgeot
From Friday 29 April to Tuesday 3 May: ??? Raid hours April 6: Thundurus in Totem Form
April 13: Tapu Bulu
April 20: Tapu Bulu
April 27: Landorus in Totem Form Featured Pokémon Hours April 5: Stunky - Double candy by transferring Pokémon
April 12: Bunnelby - Double XP by evolving Pokémon
April 19: Oddish - Capture stardust doubled
April 26: Cherrim in Splendor Form - Capture XP doubled