New trailer for Overwatch 2 has arrived (WATCH)

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New trailer for Overwatch 2 has arrived (WATCH)

After a break of almost a year from any news related to Overwatch 2, development studio Blizzard finally shared new information about the game in the middle of last month, and today a new trailer arrived that introduces us to a new heroine named Sojourn.

In the classic manner of the origin story trailer, which introduced us to the background stories of the new upcoming characters during the active life of the first game Overwatch, the new Origin Story trailer for Sojourn was released last night.

She is a former daring captain of the Overwatch team and is equipped with cyber accessories and abilities. The trailer recalls that her real name is Vivian Chase, and she is originally from Canada. Although she was originally a member of the Canadian Special Forces that helped Overwatch fight the Omnic threat, after the war, she was invited by Jack Morrison (aka Soldier 76) to join Overwatch.

In the game Overwatch 2, Sojourn will fall into the DPS category and will have an energy rifle whose alternative shooting mode is railgun. She is also known as a cyborg, which means that you will have powerful cybernetic accessories that we will use as additional abilities.

Although we found out about Sojourn at BlizzCon in 2019, when Overwatch 2 was announced, we only got the first official show for Sojourn at BlizzCon 2021 in February last year. But Blizzard has yet to reveal more specific information about it, which will change as early as this month, as the Overwatch 2 PvP beta kicks off on April 26, a week and a half away at the time of writing.

The sequel to Overwatch brings with it a number of changes, including alterations to the heroes and their new roles, but also new maps. Unfortunately, unlike the beta test of the PvP component, the previously promised PvE campaign and story mode for Overwatch 2 will be released only later and currently have no official release date.

It is pointed out that PvP will have a new team 5v5 format, new heroes, new maps, new Push mode, but also significant upgrades and refinements of the behavior of existing heroes, as well as many other gameplay features, including ping system.