MegaMewtwo, MegaLatios and MegaLatias on Pokemon GO?

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MegaMewtwo, MegaLatios and MegaLatias on Pokemon GO?

According to the latest rumors, Pokémon GO will soon have great news. We start with the new Raid: Legendary Megaraid. This is added to introduce those Legendary Pokémon that also have Mega Evolution such as MegaMewtwo, MegaLatias, MegaLatios.

A new button for mega evolutions will be implemented later. Search filters based on Mega Level will also be added. As for the Pokémon GO Plus +, the new rumors said that thanks to this device we will be able to take advantage of the features of the Pokémon Sleep.

A small on and off icon will be added as well as new warning messages to indicate disconnection or connection. Route Maker will consist of a tool that will allow you to create routes between Pokéstops. In some places there will be non-player characters who, once defeated, will allow you to obtain particular medals and some of them will also be official linked to some particular Niantic event.

As for the PVP, new timing functions for the moves and also a new UI regarding the defense from the moves, and the system of gifts.

Pokémon GO brings with it news for the month of April!

A new edition of the Sustainability Week, an event that is part of the environmental awareness campaign promoted by NIANTIC, will start at 10:00 on April 20, 2022 and will last until April 25.

For the occasion, the Alola Oranguru Pokemon will make its debut. This week, there will also be the first-time in-game release of Cherubi shiny. On the occasion of the Community Day on Saturday 23 April, for each coach who will cover at least 5 km, NIANTIC will plant a tree up to a maximum of 100,000 trees.

To encourage Trainers to grind as many kilometers as possible, a timed search will be active during Community Day, where each Coach will have to travel at least 1 km to advance to the next phase and meet Cherubi. During this week there will be the Collection Challenge where Trainers will have to capture Gloom and Weepinbell to earn points for the Champion Seeker Award, as well as a Wild Lure Module and 15 Mega Balls.

During the event, free event packs will be available in the shop that will contain a wild bait module. This will attract some Pokémon in particular, such as Weepinbell, Gloom, Chikorita, Grotle, Cherubi, and Sewaddle, as well as the color forms of Diglett from Alola, Bellossom, and Nincada.

As for field research activities, these will allow you to meet the following Pokémon: Turtwig, Cherubi, Snivy, Garbage, Chespin and Phantump. Additionally, completing Field Research tasks will earn you Mega Energy to evolve MegaVenusaur and MegaAbomasnow.