Ubisoft announced team arena shooter Project Q

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Ubisoft announced team arena shooter Project Q

Ubisoft doesn’t seem to be giving up on the realm of multiplayer team shooters. So, just a few days before the shutdown of the server of their unsuccessful team battle royal shooter Hyper Scape, the announcement arrived that they were working on a new team arena shooter codenamed Project Q.

The game is currently in a very early stage of development, but Ubisoft has revealed some general information about Project Q.

For starters, this will not be a battle royale, but "a game that will have a number of different PvP modes." Since this is a team game, the emphasis will be on different heroes who will have different abilities. The studio also points out that the game will not have any NFTs, and is under construction for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

Other news Ubisoft has not revealed yet, but why interested players were invited to apply via this link to get further information about Project Q in the coming months. Ubisoft for sale? In other Ubisoft-related news, a new Bloomberg report was released overnight, which reported that several private investment companies were interested in buying Ubisoft, including Blackstone Inc and KKR & Co.

"Ubisoft has not yet entered into any serious negotiations with potential buyers, and it is unclear whether their major shareholder is ready to reach an agreement," Bloomberg said in a report. The whole situation was investigated by the Kotaku portal, whose sources - current and former Ubisoft employees - have been saying for several months that they believe that "the studio will eventually be sold to someone amid falling stock prices and current production difficulties".

Ubisoft has been receiving criticism from various sources lately, and while on the one hand, it has been losing employees who have been leaving the studio for months due to poor working conditions and low salaries, players are furious at the studio for forcing and launching NFT, which is probably the reason why in the announcement of the new game Project Q they point out that they will not have any NFTs.