Pokemon GO against depression, according London School of Economics

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Pokemon GO against depression, according London School of Economics

According to a recent study by the prestigious London School of Economics, Pokemon GO, an augmented reality game launched in 2016 by NIANTIC, would help fight anxiety and depression. The study examined the launch of the game, which took place in 2016: it was noted that in the areas where Pokémon Go had already been released, web searches related to topics such as depression, stress and anxiety recorded a decline, something that did not happen in the regions.

where the game had not yet been available. The goal of the study was therefore to demonstrate how a video game like Pokémon GO can be useful against all those mild forms of depression, namely those for which the intervention of specialists is not required.

One of the main reasons why Pokémon GO would be positive is that it pushes users to stay in contact with other trainers and to spend time outdoors, not to mention the physical exercise dictated by having to walk around in order to be able to catch new Pokémon.

The study also highlighted how the effect was in any case limited in time. It is likely that the explosion of the global phenomenon in the summer of 2016 created a climate of excessive euphoria which subsequently went to normalize.

And talking about Pokemon Go...

Niantic has been announced the protagonist of the next Community Day in May 2022, Geodude of Alola! There will also be the introduction of a legacy fast attack, which will be totally exclusive to Alolan Golem for now!

The event will be held on Saturday 21 May, from 11:00 to 14:00 local time. Throughout the duration of the event they will appear much more frequently in the wild than the Alolan Geodudes: with a little luck you might even encounter a shiny one, with the odds of encountering wild drastically increased.

By evolving an Alolan Geodude into an Alolan Golem up to two hours after the event, the Megaton Pokémon will learn the new exclusive Rolling attack! Aromas and Bait Modules will last three hours, followed by double candies obtainable upon capture as well as triple stardust upon capture, you will have a double chance to obtain L candies by transferring pokemon, two special exchanges can be made up to two hours later the event, with half the cost in terms of Stardust.

Finally, take pictures in Snap mode to get a nice surprise! Finally, a challenge will be launched, to which all coaches are called to participate: by capturing a sufficient number of pokemon using the Bait Module, for 30 minutes you will be able to obtain four times the Stardust on capture!

A big news will take over from this Community Day: the exclusive tickets reserved for Special Researches can even be given away to other coaches! The features and methods of purchase will be disclosed at a later time, with news expected in the coming days.

Inside the store there will be a special ticket which will give access to the Special Research mission, through which to complete exclusive missions and obtain new rewards! In addition, themed stickers and two special event packs will be available in the shop: Community Day Pack, price 975 Pokémonete: a Super Incubator, a Fortunuovo, a MT fast attack Star Player and a Star Piece. Free Event Pack: 30 Ultraballs