NEW GAMES: The first new Dune game in 20 years is coming out this week

PC players are getting new games this week.

by Faruk Imamovic
NEW GAMES: The first new Dune game in 20 years is coming out this week

PC players with a few exclusive titles will get the most fun this week. If you want to be active, Nintendo invites you to spring exercise. DUNE: SPICE WARS The sci-fi series Dune came to life last year on film, so now it's time for the virtual world.

This time we will visit Planet Arrakis in a strategy game for PC that will first be launched in an early access edition. We will have at our disposal four playful groups (Atreides, Harkonnen, Fremen, and Smugglers), three conditions for victory, and systems of diplomacy, espionage, and warfare.

The ultimate task will be to get as many spices as possible and, if possible, avoid the sand worm, which is a constant threat in the world of Dune. THE SERPENT ROGUE The Serpent Rogue is a botanical adventure about mastering alchemy and taming wildlife.

The main role will be played by the alchemist The Warden who seeks to save the world from the title enemy, harmful to the world. Making a variety of drinks will bring him various options, such as turning into animals. The alchemist will carry a portable crafting table with him, and he will gather resources as he tries to help the inhabitants of the cursed land.


The vampire battle royale Bloodhunt has been testing on Steam for some time now and is now arriving on current consoles. In this free-to-play multiplayer game, battles between vampire clans are fought on the streets and rooftops of Prague.

Matches can be played in a solo performance or in teams of three, and given the number of cosmetics, they can also serve as a catwalk. The gameplay here should be fast, teeth sharp, and senses sharpened. PREHISTORIC KINGDOM Dinosaurs aren’t going out of fashion, and although we’ve already had two Jurassic World Evolution games, here’s his competition now.

The prehistoric Kingdom will be a construction and simulation game with a focus on caring for dinosaurs, mammoths and other extinct animal species. It can be seen that a lot of love has been invested in designing their models, and we hope that the developers have thought well about the elements of fun and simplicity of building a zoo.

NINTENDO SWITCH SPORTS Nintendo’s threat to TVs is finally making a comeback as Nintendo Switch Sports. We will once again wave controllers through the air pretending to be masters of bowling and fencing. There will also be some new sports such as volleyball and football, and for the first time in the series they will be able to play against other players online. Unless other players have Nintendo Switch Lite, because this game will not be able to be played on that console model.