Pokemon GO Fest 2022: Axew shiny, Shaymin and much more!

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Pokemon GO Fest 2022: Axew shiny, Shaymin and much more!

Niantic has announced some important news on Pokemon GO Fest 2022, which will take place on June 4th and 5th, during which the mysterious Pokemon Shaymin will be introduced for the first time. During the event, free content will be available for everyone as well as special content accessible by purchasing the event ticket at a price of $ 14.99.

Among the bonuses available to everyone we find the possibility of finding several rare Pokémon such as Axew and Shelmet shiny. There will be 4 habitats in rotation on June 4th. During the event, the Raids will have many new features.

Axew and Pikachu dressed as Shaymin will be available in 1-star raids, and players who have purchased tickets will be able to get up to 9 free raid tickets by visiting gyms.

Pokemon GO Fest 2022: Axew shiny, Shaymin and much more!

Those who buy the event ticket will have both content and exclusive bonuses. The most important content is the special research that will allow you to catch Shaymin. As had already happened in the past, even in this special search you can choose how to continue your search with multiple choices.

The special research will in fact focus on: catches, exploration and battles as well as being able to choose between three difficulties: easy, normal, difficult. In addition, those who purchase the ticket will have a better chance of encountering Shiny Pokémon while using the Aroma.

On June 5, it will also be possible to meet a Pokémon in the 5-star raids but it has not yet been revealed. On the second day of the event there will also be the Global Challenge Arena which promises to be interesting.

Also during this day, those who have purchased the ticket will receive the aforementioned bonuses in addition to a second new special research and the increase of Team GO Rocket balloons that will release double the Mysterious Components when defeated.