The Axis Unseen can be added to wishlist on Steam and Epic gaming platforms


The Axis Unseen can be added to wishlist on Steam and Epic gaming platforms

The name Nate Purkeypile will certainly not be known to you, but he is a veteran of the video game industry with more than 18 years of experience who spent the last 14 years as a lead artist. Fallout 3, Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

In the midst of working on the as-yet-unreleased Starfield game, Nate Purkeypile left Bethesda a year ago and in April 2021 founded his own solo indie studio called Just Purkey Games. His first solo game is The Axis Unseen, which premiered in December, and will be an open-world simulator of hunting ancient folklore monsters in a horror setting set in a mystical world trapped "out of time".

The game is under construction in the newly released next-gen launcher Unreal Engine 5, and already in the premiere trailer, the visuals look spectacular, extremely realistic, and advanced. The game itself is presented in the first person, and the FPS element is manifested in the fact that in the hunt for mythical primitive monsters we will use primitive weapons - bows and arrows as our main tool for survival.

Take a look at the trailer video!

The second most important tool will be our hunting senses because during the game we will have to follow the prints of animals and their bloody tracks, and we like the fact that we will have to pay attention to the direction of the wind blowing so that monsters do not sniff us too early.

prey became a hunter. In doing so, we will also have the opportunity to upgrade our senses and our weapons through separate RPG systems. We will upgrade our senses with the powers of monsters that we will kill along the way, and only some of these are the ability to see odor particles and feel the warmth of animal prints and traces.

We will be able to upgrade the weapon in several ways by gathering resources and thus find better and stronger materials for the bow, then for its strings, and in time discover new special types of arrows with which we will be able to defeat increasingly advanced enemies.

But despite everything, the studio points out that we will not be an omnipotent hunters, we will have to hide. The game's dynamic change of day and night also stands out, so we will definitely have to look for shelter before the night and return to our hut or alternative safe place.