The long-awaited review of Ubisoft's pirate game Skull and Bones has leaked

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The long-awaited review of Ubisoft's pirate game Skull and Bones has leaked

June 12, 2017. Ubisoft has just finished its E3 conference. The biggest excitement was the discovery of a new game called Skull & Bones. Fans of pirate adventures and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag had reason to be happy and cheerful.

Finally, we all thought we were getting a game we hadn’t played since 2004 and the release of the legendary Sid Meier’s Pirates! And then Ubisoft happened! It is April 29, 2022. Skull and Bones is still not out.

The entire project has fallen into hell marked by a lack of ideas, the departures of major people, and the huge problems that accompany these unfortunate pirates. Closed testing of Skull & Bones has been going on for several days now, and Ubisoft seems to have learned nothing.

Again, everything leaked out and what I see is not very promising. After years of procrastination, Skull & Bones seems a bit still no idea and something we’ve played before. At least at this stage of development, naval battles seem superficial and simple, and it seems we can forget any fighting on land.

The ship seems to be deserted in pre-defined hubs and that’s it. Supposedly a hand-to-hand fight is not possible even when you take over another ship, but everything will be shown through a short animation. This was confirmed by Tom Henderson, who had the opportunity to play Skull and Bones.

Nobody even talks about the campaign anymore, so it seems that we are facing a PvPvE story that lacks creations and ambitions at this stage. Or is it smarter to see Skull and Bones as a live service game that will thrive over the years? We don’t know ourselves either, but what we do know is that the market craves a fair gourd game.

"In #SkullAndBones, there are 5 tiers of ships (small, medium, large, etc.) and are categorized into three different categories. Cargo, Combat, and Exploration. Unlocking different ships are tied to blueprints, which you can buy at different settlements." said Henderson in a tweet. Maybe it was smarter to make a sequel to most of Assassin’s favorite Creed Black Flag?