Battlefield 2042 possibly coming to Game Pass, Final Fantasy 16 is coming to an end

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Battlefield 2042 possibly coming to Game Pass, Final Fantasy 16 is coming to an end

This week’s Game Pass is richer for FIFA 22 (as part of EA Play in the Ultimate subscription class) and for the NBA 2K22, making it the ultimate choice for sports simulation fans. It also seems to be becoming the ultimate choice for failures, as Battlefield 2042 has been awarded the Game Pass label on the Xbox Store.

There is still no official confirmation yet, but when something like this happens, usually the official announcement for the Game Pass follows very quickly. It should not be forgotten that the Xbox was the platform of choice for the marketing of Battlefield 2042, so the inclusion of this FPS on the Game Pass makes even more sense.

Microsoft usually announces the new Game Pass on Tuesdays, and whether the Game Pass can breathe new life into a game that no one plays anymore remains to be seen.

Final Fantasy 16 is in the final stages of development

Late last year, the producer of the new Final Fantasy Naoki Yoshida did not specifically postpone the game because it did not even have a release date, but said that the development of Final Fantasy 16 is about half a year behind schedule.

Now more positive information is arriving. Namely, in an interview with a local Japanese flyer, he said that Final Fantasy 16 is in the final stages of development. “Development of the latest title, Final Fantasy XVI, is in its final stages,” Yoshida says in the magazine.

“Final Fantasy XVI aims to integrate the story and the gaming experience into a single-player game. Unlike online, which portrays multiple players simultaneously, Final Fantasy XVI focuses on the individual. This makes the story more immersive.

It’s a very dense story. As an adult, I learned about society and said to myself, ‘reality is not as easy as a video game.’ I hope that those who once left Final Fantasy will remember how exciting their passion for video games was back then”.

The development of Final Fantasy 16 is practically complete. The main story has been defined, it is playable from the first to the last point, and the developers are now working on additional content and polishing the technical part.

Yoshida has promised the next big screening in the spring of this year, and we believe that he will then reveal the final release date of the new chapter of the eternal story.