Warner Bros Games is reportedly for sale.

"Interested parties include EA, Take-Two, Microsoft, Sony, Tencent, Netease..."

by Faruk Imamovic
Warner Bros Games is reportedly for sale.

Warner Bros Games is reportedly for sale. Who will buy Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Batman IPs and studies? The former editor-in-chief of the esteemed Game Informer shared an interesting rumor on Twitter. "Couldn't get enough confirmation to actually write a post about it, but hearing a decent bit of chatter this week about WB Discovery shopping their game development studios around." "Interested parties include EA, Take-Two, Microsoft, Sony, Tencent, Netease, and PUBG Corp.

WBD wants to sell studios and license IP, supposedly." wrote Imran Khan. Warner Bros. is looking for people interested in buying IP rights, but also development studies such as Avalanche, Monolith, NetherRealm, Rocksteady, and others.

The lucky buyer would get Harry Potter, Batman, Lord of the Rings, Mortal Kombat, and other IPs, and among the current games in development are Hogwarts Legacy, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the new Mortal Kombat… Virtually everyone is interested, from EA to Take-Two and Tencent, and reportedly the favorites are Sony and Microsoft.

An amount exceeding nine zeros is expected, so although everything is still in the rumor phase, it should be noted that Sony and WB are currently seriously cooperating on the promotion of the Hogwarts Legacy.

List of Warner Bros.

Discovery game studios:

Avalanche Software (Hogwarts Legacy)
Monolith Productions (Middle-Earth, F.E.A.R)
NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat)
Portkey Games (Hogwarts Legacy)
Rocksteady Studios (Batman Arkham, Suicide Squad)
TT Games (LEGO)
WB Games Boston (F2P and mobile games)
WB Games Montréal (Batman Arkham, Gotham Knights)
WB Games New York (Game systems)
WB Games San Diego
WB Games San Francisco (mobile games) In addition to selling their studios, Warner Bros.

Discovery is reportedly looking to license their IP to other publishers similar to how Marvel does it with their own IP. This would mean that Warner Bros. Discovery won't be selling IP rights for games with their studios, which is somewhat expected.

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