NEW INFO about Everywhere!

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NEW INFO about Everywhere!

NEW INFO about Everywhere! - "Real-life" Ready Player One
- Open World AAA Game
- Multiplayer experience
- Multi-chapter epic narrative
- User-generated content in a "virtual sandbox"
- Players can create their own worlds
- Deep social and streaming integrations Leslie Benzies, one of the most deserving people for the GTA and Red Dead games in the modern era and former president of Rockstar North in 2016, left the company, sued it, then founded his own studio, raised tens of millions of dollars in investment and began work on the open-world title Everywhere.

There has been no concrete information about Everywhere in the past 6 years, except for statements that the game will be freer and more open than others and will contain some form of multiplayer. Galaxy Interactive is a group of investors who have invested over $ 20 million in Benzies' studio Build a Rocket Boy, and as a major investor, they have now revealed more about the game in an internal document.

The game has been recently in talks when it was announced that the Unreal Engine will take part in the game’s development and it is considered a huge step in respect of the game’s development. Everywhere compares to the book and film of the same name Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg in 2018.

If you are not familiar with the plot in them, people in parallel with real lives lead virtual lives in urban imaginary worlds, and it is obvious that investors are trying to Everywhere might be more than just a game.

Investors statement

“AAA open-world multiplayer title with an epic narrative divided into chapters and content generated by the players themselves in a virtual sandbox with a deep social component,” investors describe what Everywhere will be.

According to the official website, Build a Rocket Boy studio today has over 400 employees, which makes it one of the largest gaming development studios in the world, and it is quite clear that Everywhere is a serious title.

In 2020, it was confirmed that the project is developing in Unreal Engine, and when we will get the first view, absolutely no one knows.