Pokemon GO: tips on how to deal with Tapu Fini

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Pokemon GO: tips on how to deal with Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini, the new Legendary Pokémon reissued by NIANTIC for Pokemon GO, can be found in level 5 raids from 10:00 on May 10 to 10:00 on May 25, 2022, local time. Tapu Fini is a Water / Fairy type Pokémon its weaknesses are to type moves: Electric, Grass and Poison.

The Pokemon to be used in the raid are: Zekrom, Thundurus Forma Totem, Zarude, Roserade, Raikou and Electivire. In the case of Overcast weather the best pokemon will be Roserade with Poison and Zarude-type moves. In case of clear weather the best becomes Zarude, in case of rain the Pokémon of type Electric.

Regarding Mega Evolutions, the best pokemon to use will be MegaGengar, MegaBeedril, MegaManectric and MegaVenusaur. Can you do the raid with 3 players? Only by deploying pokemon with a level between 40 and 50, Tapu Fini being the most difficult of the Tapu to deal with.

Easier undertaking with 4 or 5 players. 100% will have 1632 CP while 66% will have 1556 CP. We can find it enhanced only in the case of overcast or rainy weather: in this case the extremes correspond to 2041 CP and 1946 CP.

Tapu Fini

It is able to generate a special water that purifies mind and body, but only those who have the strength to resist the fog created by the Pokémon will be able to obtain it.

She attacks by manipulating the water and, in order not to take damage, creates a thick fog, which has the effect of sending opponents into a trance, causing them to hit themselves. With the Rage of Nature move, he unleashes the power of nature on the target, cutting their HP in half.

It has the Mist Genesis Ability, never before seen in any other Pokémon, which turns the battlefield into a Misty Field, halving the damage caused by Dragon-type moves to Pokémon in contact with the ground and protecting them from status problems and confusion.

Tapu Fini features a mainly black body. The lower body is elongated and has a blue crested membrane over it. The top shows a white mark that appears to indicate the chest, has two purple circular structures around the shoulders, and the legs end in three purple claws.

The muzzle is accentuated by a white mark that traces the nasal septum and the eyebrows. The eyes are blue streaked with purple, the lids are white and like eyelashes it has a purple structure. Blue hair falls from the head.

The whole Pokémon is enclosed inside a purple shell with tribal designs that has a spike in the front, while at the top it has a fin consisting of a blue membrane attached to a supporting structure equal to the shell.