The new Arma will be unveiled on Tuesday, first details have already been leaked

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The new Arma will be unveiled on Tuesday, first details have already been leaked

The last military tactical simulator Arma 3 came out 9 years ago. Numerous expansions followed, and now the ground is being prepared for a brand new Army. And this is no longer in the realm of speculation because Bohemia Interactive has scheduled a "Future of Arma" presentation for May 17 at 7 pm, after which a marketing document leaked on the Internet that looks quite convincing and does not leave too much room for dilemmas.

Cold War 1989 The new Arma will be called Arma Reforger and will be the forerunner of previous games. The plot is set in the "alternative" of 1989, players will build a career as a soldier, and ultimately choose whether to play for the Soviet or American side.

"Arma Reforger delivers a polished sample of Arma 4 gameplay built upon our brand new Enfusion technology and serves as a "community foundation" release for Enfusion-powered Arma" can be read in a leaked document.

The game is located on the island of Everon, which will be remembered as a fictional state by those who have been with the series from the beginning. Sizing 52 square kilometers, Everon is a strategic point that can bring dominance in the Cold War.

Apart from the two armies, various mercenary factions will also take part in the great conflict.

In the numbers, the document lists 15 weapons, two types of grenades, and 13 combat roles, which, when we know that the Army has never been and will never be an arcade shooter, is quite enough.

Key features:

  • 1980's Cold War setting
  • Everon - a mid-Atlantic island, spanning 52km2
  • Multiplayer game mode, featuring competitive and cooperative gameplay
  • Conflict - large scale warfare, showcasing infantry combat
  • 3 factions, 6 vehicles, 15 weapons, 2 types of grenades, and 13 dedicated combat roles
  • Battlefield communications and logistics
  • Game Master scenario editor, multiplatform Workshop, and full modding support
  • Persistent player profiles
Arma Reforger will be performed in the new Enfusion engine, and the document also mentions simultaneous launch on PC and for the first time on consoles. These are PS4, PS5, XONE, and XSX / S, and we'll find out what it looks like