AMD's FSR 2.0 impresses with its first results

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AMD's FSR 2.0 impresses with its first results

AMD has launched Fidelity FX Super Resolution 2.0, its answer to Nvidia's DLSS. The first title to support it is Arkane’s Deathloop. A team from Digital Foundry dedicated themselves, and the testing concluded successful.

Unlike the first version of Super Resolution, 2.0 reconstructs the details in the image by taking into account the previous frames, so the final display quality is much better than its predecessor, which often knew how to distort scenes in games.

Exclusive software solution, which is essential for consoles Unlike DLSS and Intel's upcoming XeSS, AMD's solution is purely software in nature and requires no additional hardware. AMD with FSR 2.0 plans to reconstruct the gameplay in 4K from only a quarter of the resolution.

That is, when it comes to life, the hardware will run games in 1080p, and reconstruction techniques will display it in 4K with a comparable level of quality to native resolution. Even on older configurations. Of course, for even better results and depending on preferences, you can reconstruct the image from 1080p to 1440p, or from 1440p to 4k.

To summarize:

  • Launch games at a lower resolution
  • Performance at higher resolution reconstruction techniques
  • Focus on CPU savings for better performance
“The progress over 1.0 is huge,” says Alex Battaglia of Digital Foundry after the first tests.

He explains that DLSS still performs better in image reconstruction, but FSR 2.0 is already better than any other software-only solution on the market, even from Unreal Engine 5. AMD's FSR 2.0 does not require an RTX graphics card.

It achieves better results on them than on AMD's cards, it is stated. For a complete impression, watch the video below. FX 2.0 is also interesting because, when it goes into wider use at the end of this year and the beginning of next, it will find its role on consoles as well.

It is on the PS5 and XSX / S that this reconstruction technique has the greatest perspective, so expect big things. The future is bright.