Assassin’s Creed Origins to get patch on new consoles next week

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Assassin’s Creed Origins to get patch on new consoles next week

It’s not a real next-gen upgrade, but it can pass. The first Assassin’s Creed to take the series into RPG waters, five years after its release, will receive a console patch. The PlayStation Size Twitter profile from the PSN database has unearthed two essential details.

The first is that Origins, and probably all other AC titles, will get the so-called franchise menu, through which all other AC titles will be accessible. And the other is the option for higher frames per second on the PlayStation 5.

As a reminder, this is an opportunity that Ubisoft announced at the end of last year.

A similar treatment was already given to AC Odyssey last summer.

The new AC has leaked, coming out later this year or early next year

The game was originally conceived as an expansion for AC Valhalla, however, over the past year, it has become a separate AAA title.

We’re playing with Basim, a popular character from Valhalla, and the game won’t be a massive open-world RPG. It will focus more on stealth and classic Assassin’s Creed titles. The map is the size of one region in AC Valhall, and the planned release date is late this year or early 2023.

Among other unofficial news, a remake of the original Assassin’s Creed is under construction, while AC Infinity is in the active development of studios in Montreal and Quebec. Infinity should come out in late 2024, and the AC1 remake in 2023.

And what's next on the wallpaper for the series? Late this year or early next we could get one more focused Assassin’s Creed experience. The game codenamed Rift was first conceived as an expansion for Valhalla, only to eventually become a separate project.

Rift is currently only in the domain of rumors, however, it was reported to us by the always well-informed Jason Schreier, so we expect an official announcement very soon.