Stranger Things 4: from tomorrow on NETFLIX the Volume 1!

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Stranger Things 4: from tomorrow on NETFLIX the Volume 1!

The wait is finally over for the fourth season of Stranger Things, out tomorrow on NETFLIX, with the block of the first episodes: the new final trailer, with new exciting frames, is online, in what many already define a crazy season.

Tomorrow, May 27, 2022, Volume 1 will be released, which includes 7 episodes, while episodes 8 and 9 will be available from 1 July, with an above average duration. Here is the final trailer:

What happened in Season Three

The third season of Stranger Things, set in the summer of 1985, shows the protagonists increasingly grown and struggling with their first love experiences.

Will seems the only one still attached to his childhood and eager to indulge his passion for Dungeons & Dragons. Nancy and Jonathan still together as employees of the local newspaper. Steve works at the Starcourt Mall and meets Robin Buckley.

Hopper finds himself fathering Eleven as he tries to win over Joyce. Billy works as a lifeguard. In the meantime, the Russians have long since begun to carry out experiments on the Upside down, up to conducting their experiments to the depths of Hawkins, in a secret laboratory under the Starcourt shopping center.

The Mind Flayer goes to work again to try to take control of the world and try to possess new guests. The victim, in this case, is no longer a child but a young adult like Billy, who soon becomes the head of a small army of possessed.

The Mind Flayer through Max's half-brother begins to expand the army even further as the boys, after following several leads in separate groups. Billy comes to his senses and stands between the monster and Eleven, saving the latter from certain death.

Billy dies at the same time that Hopper detonates the machinery in the Russian laboratory, closing the door between the world of the living and the Upside Down. The explosion apparently disintegrates the sheriff as well.
The scene shown during the closing credits of the third season shows a desolate landscape in Russia.

Soviets have managed to open another breach and have been working on something for some time, as evidenced by real trainers intent on educating a Demogorgon. In the scene where various cells are shown, it is revealed that Hopper is alive.