Cornucopias: A Cardano project that redefines the metaverse gaming industry

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Cornucopias: A Cardano project that redefines the metaverse gaming industry
Cornucopias: A Cardano project that redefines the metaverse gaming industry

The metaverse is a virtual world that allows millions of players to live outside their immediate environment. With blockchain technology, users can create, own and use digital assets while interacting with other people in the virtual space.

In a world of unique domes, players can own land and other NFT assets that can be traded with other users on the Cornucopias marketplace and other secondary markets. Cornucopias NFT projects have achieved great results so far.

Cornucopias NFT2tree philanthropic NFTs sold out in less than 20 seconds and about 50,000 trees have been planted in Senegal, and that number is increasing daily.

Dominance in the blockchain video game industry

The main goal of Cornucopias is to lead the metaverse industry through its highly innovative ecosystem, and the game itself attracts the attention of metaverse enthusiasts, players and mainstream audiences around the world.

Cornucopias The Island is more than just a blockchain game. In traditional games, players pay microtransactions, subscription fees, DLC packages, and other financial mechanisms through which traditional games generate $ 300 billion in revenue annually.

The new model of playing with NFT assets, provides a completely different user experience. Instead of players in the game constantly buying something to "unlock" the game's content, players only need one purchase to own NFT for life or sell it on the secondary market.

Thus, Cornucopias is well on its way to taking over much of the pie in the video game industry. Players have a bunch of benefits, rewards and privileges. Owning Cornucopias NFT gives players a program that unlocks different features and benefits in the game, with the future of using that same property in other games and on other blockchains.

Participants are exempt from paying a monthly membership fee because the Cornucopias game is free to play, giving everyone the opportunity to take the opportunity, join the metaverse and simply play. NFT players can sell, exchange or invest for additional prizes.

The project is easily available worldwide and is built on the same game engine as the latest game Unreal Engine 5. This software makes the game compatible with computers, mobile phones, game consoles and smart TVs. As a result of a bold strategy to become the first AAA UE5 blockchain game, Cornucopias is ahead of the competition and already has the attention of global brands, a growing crypto community, game developers, 3D artists and game enthusiasts to manage this self-sustaining ecosystem.