Pokémon GO: Adventure Week begins tomorrow introduces Tyrunt and Amaura!

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Pokémon GO: Adventure Week begins tomorrow introduces Tyrunt and Amaura!

Pokémon GO has just greeted the Alola Season for the Season of Go, and, after the crackling start with the GO Fest 2022, Adventure Week will begin today with lots of interesting news. Adventure Week will be available on Pokémon GO from 10:00 Tuesday 7 June 2022 to 20:00 Sunday 12 June 2022 local time and will see the debut of Tyrunt and Amaura, from the Kalos region (Sixth Generation).

All the details of the event

Amaura and Tyrunt will make their Pokémon GO debut in Field Research and Eggs. For the first time in the game, Tirtouga and Archen will be released in their shiny version. They, and Tyrunt and Amaura will hatch from the 7km Eggs.

Geodude, Alolan Geodude, Sudowoodo, and Roggenrola will appear along with their color forms in One-Star Raids. Rhydon, Shuckle, Tyranitar, and Aggron will appear in Three Star Raids. Groudon and his chromatic form will appear in Five Star Raids.

MegaAerodactyl and its chromatic form will appear in Megaraid instead. Two bonuses will also be active during the event. Experience Points earned by spinning Pokéstop will be doubled while Experience Points earned by spinning Pokéstop for the first time will be fivefold.

The event may even have other news. In a note on the official website we can in fact read the following sentence: "Even better, we have learned that Trainers may be able to discover an Ultra version of this event that provides additional bonuses.

Perhaps collaborating during the Pokémon GO Fest will help us reveal this exciting event update. " Well, Sunday 12 June there will be Ultra Unlock, with Tyrunt and Amaura who can also be found wild!

Shiny Pokemon to find during the wild event

Omanyte (also chromatic), Kabuto (also chromatic), Aerodactyl (also chromatic), Lileep (also chromatic), Anorith (also chromatic) Cranidos (also chromatic), Shieldon (also chromatic), Tyrunt, Amaura, Tirtouga (also chromatic) and Archen (also chromatic) will be able to meet at the end of the research activities in the field.

Rhyhorn (also chromatic), Omanyte (also chromatic), Kabuto (also chromatic), Larvitar (also chromatic), Aron (also chromatic), Lileep (also chromatic), Anorith (also chromatic), Cranidos (also chromatic), Shieldon ( also chromatic), Graveler, Aerodactyl (also chromatic) and Pupitar will appear more often in nature.