The Xbox 20th Anniversary Presentation

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The Xbox 20th Anniversary Presentation

Apparently, Xbox is preparing a big presentation of upcoming games for Sunday, by far the largest so far. In an announcement on its own blog, Microsoft said and explained that it is building a gaming platform for the next 20 years, on which we will play all the numerous titles that will be presented in 3 days.

"This Sunday, at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, we’ll be giving our fans a closer look at an amazing line-up of games coming to Xbox, PC, and cloud. As we prepare to pull back the curtain on the games to come, we also wanted to share some updates on how you’ll be able to play them.

We think of it as a progress update on our mission: to bring the joy and community of gaming to the 3 billion gamers on the planet." Microsoft said.

Xbox arrives on new Samsung TVs

If you have Samsung Smart TV from this year, it means that from June 30 you will be able to play all Xbox games without the need for a console.

From the cloud over the internet. Any Bluetooth controller and active Game Pass Ultimate subscription is enough to play… and that's it. You log in to the TV with your Xbox account and play. If you don't have a subscription, it has recently been possible to play Fortnite from the cloud without it.


Demos like those on PS + Premium

After the PlayStation announced up to two hours of playable demos for future big games on the PlayStation as a benefit of the new PlayStation Plus Premium, Microsoft decided to take the same idea and make it even better.

“We’re also revealing the first details of Project Moorcroft, a program that brings the fun and discovery of playing new, curated demos of upcoming games to our Xbox Game Pass members”. Microsoft describes its race candidate.

It will be better than the PlayStation in that the demos will be available within the base Game Pass (not in a more expensive class like PS +), and developers will be paid depending on the popularity of the demo, without selling a single game.

Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive another privilege. No additional payment until the end of the year will allow you to play from the cloud all games you own, not just those available within the subscription. Which is a huge step towards adopting the finally unified Xbox platform.

Microsoft is also working to improve Windows 11 and Edge Internet browsers. Games in windowed mode will run faster and they will soon benefit from automatic HDR and VRR. Edge, on the other hand, will get a Clarity Boost enhancement to play from the cloud, and when you natively run games on your own hardware, Edge will run in the background on the least possible resources.

We would say that Microsoft is taking a dangerous risk with announcements of this type. The claim that we will be playing on their platform for the next 20 years simply has to be accompanied by the best gaming lineup in Xbox history.

Both on Sunday at the Xbox Showcase presentation, and in the coming months and years with concrete hits. We are sure that the cover for all this really exists.