Pokemon GO: Deino protagonist of the June Community Day!

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Pokemon GO: Deino protagonist of the June Community Day!

Pokémon GO has announced that the protagonist of the Community Day in June will be Deino. Community Day in June will take place on June 25 from 11:00 local time to 14:00 local time. For the duration of the event, many more Deinos will appear in the wild, with a greater frequency of encountering one in its shiny version.

If a Zweilous, the second evolutionary form of Deino, is evolved into a Hydreigon during the course of the event and up to five hours after its conclusion, the latter will know the unique Dark-type legacy move.

The bonuses of the event

The bonuses will be as follows: 1/4 distance for hatching when the eggs are placed in the Egg Incubators during the event period.

Double sweets by catching pokémon. The aroma activated during the event will last for three hours. The bait modules activated during the event will last three hours. Possibility of making an extra special exchange during and up to five hours after the event, a maximum of three for that day.

Trading made during and up to five hours after the event will require half the stardust. Double your chances of receiving Deino's L candy by catching Deino. Take some photos on Community Day to get a surprise. Apparently there will be a real tide of bonuses, it is worth taking advantage of them if you want to try a lucky trade, given the increased special exchanges and the reduced stardust required.

After the conclusion of the event, special 4-star Raids starring Zweilous will begin to appear in the Gyms. By completing the Raid, you will have the opportunity to have Deino appear in a maximum radius of 300 meters from the location of the Gym for a good 30 minutes, with the same chances of Community Day to find it in its chromatic variant.

These Raids will only be available when using Daily Raid Tickets or Premium Passes: Remote Raid Tickets cannot be used. A special ticket will be available in the shop that will give access to the exclusive paid Special Search story.

From this Community Day onwards, coaches will be able to buy and give tickets for Special Research stories, using the appropriate gift command and then send everything to a contact in the in-game friends list. Special commemorative stickers of the event with Deino as the protagonist will also be available inside the shop, and from the friendship packs, in addition to the special Deino hat that can be purchased in the shop.