Kojima will reportedly be on Xbox's presentation

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Kojima will reportedly be on Xbox's presentation
Kojima will reportedly be on Xbox's presentation (Provided by Financial World)

Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Productions will appear at the Xbox Showcase presentation, said Tom Henderson, a leaker who has so far been mostly right with information of this type. It is believed that Kojima will not actually show his new game, but he will confirm his collaboration with Xbox on stage (or via a video link from Japan) and reveal a little about the joint project.

Kojima's new game is reportedly called Overdose.

It's a survival horror with Margaret Qualley in the lead role. Reliable leaker Tom Henderson claims that he received an early presentation of Kojima's new horror survival game, for Kojima with an unusual name Overdose.

Henderson says Overdose apparently has no contact with Death Stranding 2, but that’s why he shares one of the actresses. Margaret Qualley embodied Mom in Death Stranding, and we know her for her role in The Leftovers HBO TV series.

Henderson writes that in the demo, Qualley navigates dark corridors with a battery. The camera is set in the third person, but it will reportedly be playable in the first person as well. The legitimacy was given to him by Kojima himself when he asked him to remove that same information.

"I do realize that my "I have denied the request" came across very arrogantly and I want to make it clear that the comment did not reflect the tone of the conversation I had with Kojima. The contact over there was very understanding all things considered." he wrote.

Henderson describes a segment of the game whose brief account he saw as dark corridors navigated by a certain woman with a battery in her hand. The voice and stature of the woman were provided by Hollywood actress Margaret Qualley, who also had a role in Kojima's last project - Death Stranding 2, where she played Mom.

Speaking of Death Stranding, its sequel has been confirmed by Norman Reedus who embodied the main character in the game, however, Overdose reportedly has no contact with Death Stranding 2. And Death Stranding itself can't even be shown on Xbox, as Sony owns IP -a.