PC hardware is becoming more affordable and prices are falling


PC hardware is becoming more affordable and prices are falling
PC hardware is becoming more affordable and prices are falling

While forecasts for the availability of new consoles are still pessimistic, at least in the context of the rest of the year, the availability and prices of PC components are turning slightly positive, and some global indications suggest it will be significantly better in the second half.

Graphics card prices are thus falling slightly, primarily due to the collapse of the crypto market, but also other factors such as inflation. According to Tom’s Hardware, graphics card prices were down 15% in May alone, and as the price of Bitcoin has lost more than a quarter of its value in recent days, the forecast for card prices and availability is even more positive.

"GPU prices dropped 15% in May, and we've seen similar 10–15% drops each month for the past several months. We saw the best graphics cards come back into stock (at retail) as GPU mining profitability has plummeted — and that was before Bitcoin and Ethereum crashed again, dropping Bitcoin from around $30,000 to the low $20,000s and Ethereum from around $1,900 to about $1,100.

In the past week, Bitcoin's value dropped over 30%, while Ethereum plunged by more than 40%." wrote Tom's Hardware in their analysis.

The optimistic second half of 2022.

In 2018, after a comparable drop in cryptocurrency prices, the market was full of cards for relatively little money, both new and used, so, especially if the crypto crash lasts, a similar scenario is predicted for the next half of 2022.

they are still not even close to the recommended ones, but the shift for the better is still noticeable. It gets better with memory. As TrendForce researched, DDR5 and DDR4 memories have experienced a significant drop in demand, and warehouses are full, resulting in a drop in prices of up to 8%, and a drop of as much as projected in the next few months.

They also claim that the fall in the price of DRAMs will have a positive effect on mobile phones. "In terms of Mobile DRAM, as sales in the consumer market fail to meet expectations, suppliers are forced to incrementally reduce the proportion of mobile DRAM production quarter by quarter and switch to server DRAM, thereby stabilizing market inventory and prices." analysts concluded.