Sony is preparing a new gaming headsets for PS

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Sony is preparing a new gaming headsets for PS

Sony plans to introduce a professional PS5 controller with modular bats and back keys soon, however, Tom Henderson reports that the story with the new hardware has taken on a broader framework with a totally new brand of gaming devices that will coexist with the PlayStation.

PlayStation reportedly plans to unveil a "true professional controller" by the end of the month. It will reportedly be able to remove and change the analog stick and will have additional background sticks like the one Sony first introduced on the PlayStation with the Back Button add-on for DualShock 4 controllers.

Henderson also mentioned better grips, also of the modular type. The new controller looks like a classic DualSense, but with a few key changes. Named Inzone, it is preparing three new headsets and two monitors, so although it plans to promote all of them with phrases like "perfect for PlayStation", it is quite clear that Sony is planning to bite a piece of PC cake under a new, less exclusive name.

"Perfect for PlayStation 5", but also for PC

The characteristics of the new devices are also known. The Inzone H3 wired headset will be the cheapest in line and will support 3D sound. The Inzone H7 is wireless, with the same features, and more expensive, and the Inzone H9 is an elite class with the addition of background noise cancellation technology.

As Henderson is reportedly revealing, two monitors "with exclusive features for the PlayStation" are being prepared within the Inzone brand. One will have 4K resolution and refresh at 144Hz, while the other will be for gaming in HD with refresh at 240Hz - ideal for fast competitive FPS on a PC.

Both monitors will have VRR, response within milliseconds and HDR, and the ability to display FPS counters, dynamic lighting changes (for example, for easier recognition of opponents in games when moving to darker rooms), and the like. Prices are unknown at this time, and if all is true, Sony will unveil the new devices next week.