The F1 22 will take full advantage of the DualSense controller

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The F1 22 will take full advantage of the DualSense controller

While last year’s F1 title only shyly took advantage of the more advanced features of the DualSense controller for the PS5, for this year’s version Sony and Codemasters are working together to save the evolution of that part of the gaming experience.

Last year's limited support for adaptive triggers has now been extended to full haptic vibration where developers promise support at the level of one Gran Turismo 7. So, you will feel debris, bumps, and curbs under each wheel separately.

Adaptive triggers

"For PS5, the adaptive triggers are utilized by attaching the amount of resistance directly to slip ratios of the tires.

What this means is when your car ‘locks up’ under braking, the amount of resistance through the brake trigger increases, resulting in a more immersive connection with the car. Likewise, when wheelspin occurs the resistance of the accelerator trigger is increased.

A subtle difference to the resting resistance of the accelerator and brake triggers has also been applied to simulate the difference in pressure needed to fully depress the brake vs accelerator pedals in a real-life F1 car."

says A speaker is also included through which engineers from the pit stop will communicate, all from July 1, when the F1 22 comes out for the PS5, but also on all other current platforms. F1 22 releases worldwide on July 1 for PlayStation 5.

Players can pre-order the digital-only F1 22 Champions Edition for three days of early access and additional content:

  • New My Team Icons – Jacques Villeneuve, Mark Webber, and Nico Hülkenberg
  • X2 Drivable Safety Cars – the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and Aston Martin Vantage for use in Time Trial
  • 18,000 PitCoin
  • Dual Entitlement upgrade, upgrade your copy to PlayStation 5 at no additional cost.
  • F1 Life Starter Pack: Make your space your own with in-game items such as furniture including wall art, and a player t-shirt.
  • F1 22 New Era Content: Car livery, Suit, Helmet, Cap, T-shirt (for F1 Life) inspired by the stunning Official Formula 1 2022 New Era car.