Sony has introduced Inzone gaming equipment for PC gamers

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Sony has introduced Inzone gaming equipment for PC gamers

Sony has introduced a new line of gaming equipment named Inzone. It is intended primarily for PC gamers but is also compatible with the PlayStation 5. Headsets and monitors within the Inzone brand will especially appeal to fans of the PS5 design, as it follows exactly the guidelines set by that console, and could also appeal to those who tend to play competitively.


The flagship monitor M9 with a diagonal of 27 inches and 4K resolution has a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The cheaper M5 of the same diagonal is intended for more competitive players with refresh rates up to 240 Hz and a resolution of 1080p.

Both monitors are visually identical, have IPS panels with a response of one millisecond, support HDMI 2.1 and VRR, are compatible with Nvidia's G-Sync, and come with USB C ports, but only the more expensive has local dimming that ultimately delivers better contrast.

With its resolution, the M9 is ideal for PS5 players, and the ability to automatically adjust HDR colors will suit them. The more expensive M9 will cost $ 899 dollars, the cheaper $ 529, and will go on sale later this year.


In addition to the two monitors, Sony also introduced three new headsets in two price ranges. The H9 and H3 are wireless headsets with 3D spatial audio and come with sound adjustment technology to each ear. This means that you will scan your own ear with your mobile phone, and the app will create a sound profile just for you.

Visually, both models are virtually identical, while the more expensive H9 separates with background noise cancellation technology. That’s why the H9 for $ 299 will have slightly less autonomy of 32 hours, and the cheaper D7 for $ 229 to 40 hours.

The H3 is a more affordable headset for $ 99, it has taken over most of the options from the more expensive models, and from which it is still separated by a slightly smaller design and the presence of a wire. Like the monitors, the headsets do not have a specified release date other than the approximate "later this year"

On the occasion of the introduction of the new gaming line, the president of Sony's home products division admitted to the Washington Post that it is late in the PC market, but believes that it can catch up with the competition. It will try quality products while priced, like this at first, there are also more competitive devices.