The first NFT console was announced

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The first NFT console was announced
The first NFT console was announced (Provided by Financial World)

Web 3 company Polium announced the first NFT console. Polium One is the first multi-chain console capable of running games built on different blockchains. According to the developers, the console will be strong enough to run traditional games, which is how they want to get closer to the non-NFT audience.

“The console will be powerful enough to run high-performance games and will be easy to use for a traditional gamer who doesn’t understand Web 3”. they said. In good NFT spirit, the Polium One console will only be available with the purchase of a “Polium Pass” which is actually an NFT on the Ethereum network.

The controller will come with a fingerprint and a special wallet button to make buying and trading NFTs and other similar things as painless as possible.

Web 3 is going mainstream

Polium's statement on Twitter "A lot of criticism and mixed reviews.

Web 3 Gaming will be the future 🚀🎮. We will have a functional prototype ready before we take any pre-orders or funding. Let’s clear some things up. 👇" wrote Polium One developers on their Twitter account.

"We did not copy the Nintendo’s GameCube logo. There are multiple companies that are using a similar logo. But we will illustrate a new logo that is original." "The console will have games and exclusive games. We are currently in talks with different Web 3 Game Developers and will make some announcements soon.

We know that a console can’t be successful without games." "We have experience in hardware and software. The console will be built and we will execute on the roadmap. This space bashes builders who are building for Web 3 to help it expand.

We are also building the console for ourselves 🙂 and will not stop." Although only 4 (literally: four) people work on the console, the developers claim that Polium One will be able to push games to 8K resolution, 120FPS and all that with ray tracing.

The most powerful console in the world is coming at the end of 2024. Don't forget to buy a Polium Pass if you want to secure your copy.