Amazon reportedly not buying Electronic Arts, despite earlier claims

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Amazon reportedly not  buying Electronic Arts, despite earlier claims

After the news agency GLHF announced earlier today that Amazon is completing the acquisition of Electronic Arts, prominent journalist/analyst David Faber appeared on the CNBC program and was told by sources that he had nothing to do with it.

Amazon wants to buy Electronic Arts

With one acquisition, Amazon would thus receive one of the world's largest publishers of video games with immeasurably valuable IPs such as those from EA Sports, and then Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Apex, Star Wars Jedi, The Sims, and others, as well as a whole series racing titles are given EA's recent acquisition of Codemasters.

In recent years, the leading people of Electronic Arts have not categorically rejected the acquisition, which, with a larger partner, enables them to operate in higher quality with less financial risk. Amazon, Tencent, and Microsoft were mentioned as favorites for the purchase of EA, which would have nothing against it, but an acquisition of that type after Activision would not be approved by agencies that watch out for monopoly in the global economy.

David Faber says it's not happening

"I have talked to some people who would actually know if there was something going on and they say there's nothing going on," Faber said. "These are people who would be involved who in fact were involved when our parent company was talking to Electronic Arts...

This is not going to happen today from what I'm hearing unless the people who have been involved previously have no idea." Faber says that he does not know where the GLHF information about Amazon came from, although he did not fail to say that he himself follows and appreciates it.

"I myself read them every morning in order to find out some insider information about acquisitions in the technical industry," he says. GLHF is not known as an agency that would report falsehoods, so it is unclear at this time why the inaccurate reporting occurred.

And is it even incorrect? There is still no official denial from either side. And the market reacts with violent sudden falls and rises in the price of Electronic Arts shares. It seems to us that this story is still not over.