Pokemon GO: the season of Light, cosmog, Yveltal shiny and lots of news!

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Pokemon GO: the season of Light, cosmog, Yveltal shiny and lots of news!

Starts today, Thursday 1 September 2022 at 10:00 (local time) and will run until Thursday 1 December 2022 at the same time, the new Season of Light in Pokemon GO. If the Season of Alola has focused on the introduction of Pokémon of the seventh generation, and the Season of GO on that of some Ultra Beasts, the Season of Light seems to have as protagonists Cosmog, Solgaleo and Lunala.

Among the upcoming events will be the Targeted Research dedicated to Inkay, on September 3, 2022. Also in the same month, here is the Psychomania event, from September 6 to 12, 2022, while Trambusto Clefairy cis arà on September 10, 2022.

An event called Show your cloth will be held from 16 to 21 September 2022. In the meter, here is the Safari Zone in Goyang: the live event will take place from 23 to 25 September 2022, finally, at least for September, here is the Fashion Week.

This year, Fashion Week will return from 27 September to 3 October 2022. Still no news for October and November, although I know there will probably be a bimonthly research as it was last year with Hoopa. This Cosmog Special Research is redeemable from Thursday 1 September 2022 at 10:00 to Thursday 1 December 2022 at 9:59 (local time).

New parts of the Special Research will be available on October 5th and November 23rd. Also, the twelfth season of the GO Battle League is coming.

Here is the complete program:

September 1 - September 8: Mega League, Small Jungle Remix Cup
September 8 - September 15: Mega League, Psycho Cup
September 15 - September 22: Ultra League, Weather Cup
22 September - 29 September: Lega Ultra, LU Premier Classica
29 September - 6 October: Master League, Classic LM Premier
6 October - 13 October: Master League, Evolution Cup
October 13 - October 20: Mega League, Ultra League, Master League
October 20 - October 27: Mega League, Halloween Cup
October 27 - November 3: Mega League, LU Halloween Cup
November 3 - November 10: Ultra League, Clash of Will Cup
November 10 - November 17: Ultra League, LU Premier
November 17 - November 24: Master League, Remix Element Cup
November 24 - December 1: Master League, Season of Light Capture Cup

New Pokémon in different areas of the world: City: Jigglypuff, Machop, Magnemite, Muk, Voltorb, Umbreon, Litwick and more!

Forests: Mareep, Sunkern, Yanma, Espeon, Pineco, Burmy Manto Plant, Hisui's Voltorb and more!
Mountains: Sandslash, Clefairy, Diglett, Snorlax, Sneasel, Stantler, Deino and more!
Beach and water: Seel, Staryu, Mantine, Pelipper, Carvanha, Wailmer, Feebas and much more!

Northern hemisphere: Scyther, Dratini, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Teddiursa, Shroomish and much more!
Southern Hemisphere: Paras, Chansey, Skitty, Bagon, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and more!
The following bonuses will be active during the Season of Light: