Sony has started linking PC games to PlayStation Network accounts

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Sony has started linking PC games to PlayStation Network accounts

The leak from 2 months ago was true. References were found in Spider-Man's code for PC at the time to link PC games to Playstation Network games, and today that's exactly what's been made possible. And that's precise with Spider-Man, which thus became the first PlayStation title on PC connected to PSN.

After the update, Spider-Man players on PC will be given the option to connect to an existing or register a new PSN account. However, at least for now, syncing with PlayStation accounts doesn't do anything of the sort. Sony promises bonus content and receiving notifications from PlayStation, but there's still no support for trophies or transferring progress from one platform to another.

However, it is clear that this will also happen in the coming months. PlayStation has announced the simultaneous release of some games on PC and PS5.

The Last of Us is one of them

Head of PlayStation studios Herman Hulst in an interview with French Youtuber Julien Chieze revealed the internal division of games into two categories, titles from one of which will debut on the same day on PC and consoles.

To Julien's question whether we will see PlayStation exclusives on PC from day one in the near future, he answered that in general, we won't, but with the exception of the so-called live service title. "For live service titles, you need a large following and as many players as possible right on day one, so we could release such games from day one on both platforms," ​​reveals Hulst.

Going The Last of Us from day one on PC

At the same time, the former boss of Guerilla claims that the big PlayStation exclusives will be released on PC at least one year after the release on consoles. It will be interesting to follow the situation with The Last of Us multiplayer project, which we could easily classify in the live service category, which also means the release on the same day on PS5 and PC.

Sony has confirmed as many as 10 live service games in the next 4 years
By the way, in addition to The Last of Us multiplayer, earlier this year Sony confirmed as many as 10 live service titles in development. We still know absolutely nothing about most of them, and we know from leaks that one of them is a reboot of Twisted Metal.

The linking of PC games to PSN accounts came just this week when PlayStation head of studios Hermen Hulst confirmed that live-service multiplayer titles are likely to be released simultaneously on PC and PlayStation in the future.

By the first such release, Sony will surely prepare support for syncing trophies, progress, and additional content within games. In addition to PSN support, the new update for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered brings support for AMD FSR 2.1.1 and Intel's XeSS.