The Witcher 1 will be remade in Unreal Engine 5

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The Witcher 1 will be remade in Unreal Engine 5

Today, 15 years after the release of the first The Witcher, CD Projekt announced that a remake of the beginning of the saga is in development. In fact, CD Projekt announced it three weeks ago along with four other Witcher projects, but we only now found out that the so-called Project Canis Majoris is actually a remake of the first The Witcher.

CD Projekt has confirmed new Cyberpunk, 5 Witcher, and a new IP

"We're thrilled to reveal that, together with @Fools_Theory, we're working on remaking The Witcher using Unreal Engine 5 (codename: Canis Majoris)! We want to do this right, so please be patient — it's gonna be a while until we can share more details."

And now we found out how the development is led by the Polish studio Fool's Theory.

At the same time, CD Projekt Red exercises full creative control, it was revealed on the official website. The sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 was codenamed, Project Orion. The task of its development was taken over by CD Projekt's new branch in Boston, which will merge with the one in Vancouver, and as they say, the new Cyberpunk will use the full potential of the universe.

Work on Orion begins only after work on the Phantom Liberty expansion for 2077 is completed. In addition to Cyberpunk, five more Witcher projects have been announced. The first one, announced in March of this year, will be the beginning of a new saga and at the same time a new trilogy in the Witcher universe under the common code name Project Polaris.

The fourth Witcher will be the so-called Project Sirius is already in development at Molasses Flood Studios and will be a somewhat different gaming experience. "It aims at a much wider audience", explains CEO Adam Kicinski.

It will have both multiplayer and single-player and an "unforgettable story for new and existing Witcher fans." And finally, at least as far as the Witcher is concerned, Project Canis Majoris is a new open-world RPG set in the Witcher universe.

Already in development at an unnamed external studio led by Witcher veterans, it will use Unreal Engine 5 and the same technology used to develop Polaris. Now for the real ending, Project Hadar is a completely new IP, currently only in the concept phase, and will have nothing to do with The Witcher and Cyberpunk universes.

The leaders of all those projects will no longer answer to Marcin Iwinski, the co-founder of CD Projekt and the former executive president who shared that role with Kicinski and will step down by the end of the year. Iwinski will continue his activities within the company on the Supervisory Board.

The project is in the early stages of development and we will probably only play it in a few years. CD Projekt is also aware of this and asks players for patience. On the other hand, the remaster of The Witcher 3 is still planned for the end of this year, and it is quite certain that CD Projekt will confirm the exact release date today. Or a new delay.