Playstation wants to 'destroy' redundant games!


Playstation wants to 'destroy' redundant games!

PlayStation has been showing seriousness in its projects and work for years. This time they have to respond to the demands of fans who are dissatisfied with certain things. It has become apparent that more and more garbage is appearing on the PlayStation Store over the last few months.

Those games are not considered games since they were developed just to boost the trophy and platinum collectors' stats, and do not satisfy the definition of a game. In this year's PlayStation Store, such pointless games have polluted the store to the point that it has become out of control.

At first, Sony seemed unconcerned, but now they're taking action.

Play Station store: Details

It has been announced yesterday that PlayStation Store content that is determined to be duplicates or deliberate attempts at spam will be blocked in the future.

This was announced in a letter sent to developers yesterday. Furthermore, they specifically state that different trophies will no longer be tolerated in almost the same game, as they will not be considered sufficient enough to distinguish two games from each other, i.e.

they will no longer be considered acceptable in almost the same game. The number of games that are designed to win trophies can still be launched, but their developers will have to put in more effort in order to launch them.

It is possible for Sony to block the developer completely from accessing the PlayStation Store if he does not follow these guidelines. It will be interesting to see if this tightening of the rules yields any results. I think, however, that the "developers" of garbage games are creative and resourceful enough to overcome any obstacles.

You can hear the creativity of the developers in titles such as "I'm in Love With Your Dead Grandmother" or "Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money".