Overwatch hero Ramattra will blow your mind!

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Overwatch hero Ramattra will blow your mind!

Overwatch is a game that we have often enjoyed and that has brought us a lot of excitement. We are just a few weeks away from the arrival of the 36th Overwatch hero. Now we are able to see what the Ramattra tank will be capable of.

Depending on which form he is in (omnic or nemesis), he will have attacks and powers that are specific to those forms and will differ depending on which form he is in. Using the Void Accelerator, he will be able to send fixed pattern projectiles as part of his standard omnic form.

The weapons of Ramattra are more powerful up close, but their range is a bit shorter, so you have to keep an eye on your opponents for a while. Alternatively, he can create a Void Barrier, which is a temporary barrier that can be placed at a distance determined by the player.

He can also decide where he wants to place it at a certain point in time. In the Nemesis form, players have a chance to activate the form for eight seconds before it is put on cooldown for eight more seconds. As Ramattra changes into his nemesis form, he is able to gain additional protection, attack with swing attacks, and block frontal attacks more effectively.

In the event of blocking, there is no cooldown. However, the character can only be protected from the front, whereas from another angle, the character is still vulnerable.


There are several forms in which Ramattra can use the Ravenous Vortex attack, and it will work regardless of the form it is in.

An enemy is slowed down when they are hit by this projectile. When they hit the ground, they are attracted to the ground and take damage as a result of being slowed down by the projectile. Among Ramattra's most powerful attacks, Annihilation, which only can be used in Nemesis mode, is by far his most devastating one.

Whenever an enemy is near the player, their attack efficiency decreases by 50% and they are damaged by 50%. As it may not sound dangerous at first, there is a catch: even after his ultimate has ended, damage continues to be dealt to nearby enemies, even if he has stopped using it.