Fortnite and new changes!

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Fortnite and new changes!

It has been a while since Fortnite was refreshed with new content, but once again, it has proven to be the biggest magnet for characters from other franchises. There are some significant changes and news coming with the start of Chapter 4, that is, the first season of the fourth chapter.

In order to begin with, a new island has been formed, which means that the map has changed and now has some new locations with a brand new style. In order to keep up with the new map, we will not only be able to run and jump, but we will also be able to ride motorcycles.

You will have the opportunity to fight against other players while you are riding in the air, and you will also be able to perform a number of tricks when you are flying.


There is an element of reality augmentation that is introduced into the gameplay in the form of special boosts that are distributed at random.

As you remain in a match for a longer period of time, you will receive augmentations that will allow you to get various weapons or some advantages like not consuming fuel while driving, etc. In addition to sprinting being possible, it is also possible to jump over obstacles when sprinting.

As part of the team multiplayer mode, it will now be possible to win points on the map in order to reward players. As long as one team has controlled a point of the map for a sufficient amount of time, that team will receive loot, and loot chests will be marked, as well as all opponents in the conquered territory circle.

There are some great changes that will bring excitement to players as a result. From the very beginning, Fortnite has been focused on its players, and the game has been constantly evolved to support the needs of its players. Gamers reactions to all this will be interesting.