A new Audi F1 show car has been unveiled for F1 22 game

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A new Audi F1 show car has been unveiled for F1 22 game
A new Audi F1 show car has been unveiled for F1 22 game

Audi will enter Formula 1 in 2026, but fans of the popular game F1 22 can already drive a car in the "guise" of the German brand. When announcing its entry into Formula 1, Audi released a rendering of the car in a special "dress", and now it can be chosen by those who play the video game F1 22.

Codemasters has made it possible to choose the Audi car through the Podium Pass Series 4 VIP, which is available from December 7th. Codemasters director of the F1 franchise, Paul Jea, expressed his excitement that the studio offered this novelty to players.

As is well known, earlier this year Audi officially announced its return to Formula 1 in the role of engine supplier to the Sauber team, which currently operates in Formula 1 under the name Alfa Romeo Racing. Audi is entering Formula 1 just as the sport is introducing new rules that see internal combustion engines switch entirely to synthetic fuel.

Audi F1 show car arrives in F1 22

“It’s not a given to be a part of the official simulation of Formula 1 three years before our first race,” said Henrik Wenders, Head of Brand Audi. “Our show car has caused quite a stir from the very first moment with its striking design and the colour scheme that is typical of Audi in motorsport.

Everywhere it has been in action, the reactions have been extremely positive. I’m convinced that our show car will also win many fans in the virtual world”. Testing will begin in 2025, and Audi will buy a stake in the racing team.

However, there are still no details about this partnership. It is clear that Audi will develop the engines, while Sauber will be in charge of developing the cars. Although we are talking about renderings, thanks to its design and traditional colors, Audi's car attracted a lot of attention in motorsport, and the reactions were positive.

The game F1 22 is on sale from July 1st and is available for the consoles Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC. It received generally good ratings and is the official game for the F1 and F2 championships. The introduction of the Eliminator game mode is definitely new.


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