Goose Goose Duck: Reasons for its great popularity

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Goose Goose Duck: Reasons for its great popularity

The game Goose Goose Duck is probably one you have never heard of, but within the last week it has been played by a half million players simultaneously, so it is definitely a game you should check out. As a matter of fact, it was played by 563,677 people according to the figures provided by the website.

There were a lot of similarities between this title and Among Us, especially in terms of the fact that here instead of astronauts we have geese, and everything else is more or less equal to Among Us. In spite of the fact that the game has been available for 14 months, it has only recently gathered a great deal of popularity.

The game had, at its peak, about twenty thousand players at any given time, and it had on average five thousand active users on any given day.

Reasons for popularity

Why would a game with only five thousand active players suddenly jump to half a million? Kim Tae-hyung, better known as V, a member of the mega-popular K-pop group BTS, started playing and streaming this game, which led to the game's rapid growth in popularity.

This indicates that the fans were trying to play the same game as their idol as a way to get closer to him and closer to their idol. There was certainly an advantage to Goose Goose Duck being a free-to-play game, so a lot of players from Asian territories flocked to it in droves.

Due to the developer's lack of preparation, the servers quickly went down, only to come back up again on a short time later, so some players were not able to play. One thing that is interesting about video games is that the popularity of a game is determined by just one person.

Among Us, which is Goose Goose Duck's model game, has been overtaken by Goose Goose Duck on the basis of the number of active players it has encountered, and it is true for both of them that they received their fame months after their releases.