GTA VI trailer: New details


GTA VI trailer: New details
GTA VI trailer: New details

According to an insider talking about one of the playable characters of the upcoming rockstar game GTA VI earlier this week, a trailer for the game is in preparation and will be shown in the near future, if an insider is to be believed.

It is reported by the Brazilian YouTuber SanInPlay that reliable (but unnamed) sources have provided information about GTA VI's first trailer, revealing that it will primarily feature Lucia, one of the two main protagonists that we saw briefly in previously leaked materials versions of the game.

According to the YouTuber who shared the trailer, several scenes could be seen in the upcoming film, including a plane flying through the sky, a lizard crossing the street, dogs playing on the beach, and the main protagonist, Lucia, exercising in prison.

Trailer of the game

Although it may seem as though these scenes sound completely generic and commonplace for any trailer, this final segment involving Lucia definitely makes sense, especially if earlier leaks about Lucia and Jason being a kind of modern-day Bonnie and Clyde come true.

There is no doubt that such a story would make for a wonderful, classic Rockstar story in which Jason will set free Lucia from prison, and then the game could continue in the classic way. This time, SanInPlay didn't reveal when we might see the famous trailer, but if he is correct in his statements, the trailer may already exist and could be shown at any moment now.

According to Take-Two Interactive, its new investor conference will be held on February 6, meaning we can expect to see the aforementioned trailer before the end of the month. As of now, GTA Vi is almost certainly being developed for the PS5 console, the Xbox Series X/S console, and the PC.

This will be a great thing. GTA 6 is a game that many are eagerly waiting for, considering that the creation of the game has been going on for a long time. We hope that the game will give us what we expect and that it will delight all fans of the GTA series.