Nuclear War Simulator: Details

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Nuclear War Simulator: Details

It is nothing new for games to include a scenario of nuclear war, but it is still not something that you hear of very often when it comes to simulating the use of weapons of mass destruction. Although Nuclear War Simulator is not one of the ha-ha simulators that PlayWay produces, here we are talking about a detailed description of the effects of strategic weapons on civilian populations in the course of a nuclear conflict.

It will be possible to view a burning world effect from 2/2, when Nuclear War Simulator arrives on the PC platform, allowing us to design different scenarios based on the burning world effect. As a result, over a thousand nuclear warheads have been used in major conflicts.

Those who are striving to simulate an as realistic scenario as possible will be able to place rockets one by one with the possibility of using aid for faster aiming if they choose to do so.


There will be various effects included in the simulator, such as impact, heat, fire, and radiation, as well as a visual representation of potential victims that will be simulated.

We will be able to put ourselves, our friends, or even our enemies into the game so that we can assess the injuries we have sustained and our chances of survival. The way in which this option is presented gives the impression that they don't think it will be used exactly the way they imagined in the development studio when they first created it.

As part of Nuclear War Simulator, you will also be able to create nuclear warheads and missiles, and place them in various locations where you will be able to launch them. It all starts with silos, then goes on to airplanes, then comes to submarines.

Every item that is created in the game will be able to be shared with other players, and the game itself will come with more than 22 different predefined scenarios that can be further customized by the player.