Last of Us sequel as an option?!

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Last of Us sequel as an option?!

Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog's VP, looked back on Uncharted in an interview he gave to Buzzfeed in which his main focus was on The Last of Us. The last release we played was Legacy of Thieves Collection, which brought Drake to PC, and if we are to believe the head of the development team, that is all they have to say about it.

The entire series has been extremely successful, both financially and critically, Druckmann says, especially the fourth part. However, the team is glad they did not feel pressured by Sony about a new sequel, but they "made the final move and said they were done".

. It would be more than fair for Nathan Drake's first three parts to be remastered at some point, given their high-quality story and gameplay, but it is clear that we will no longer be able to play Nathan Drake's new adventures.

Since we know when to say "enough" and to stop, this development of events does not even surprise us, and besides, after the last original release of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, in which new characters are introduced, it would be foolish to reverse the trend.

A completely different story can be found in Last of Us.


HBO's highly popular television series is critics' favorite adaptation of a video game, and it's likely that there will be a sequel in the near future, but there is no word on what happened to the third game.

Last of Us 3 isn't in the works or at least being prepared according to reports that Sony won't allow filming blindly for the third television season. It all depends on them, Druckamnm says, that is, "can they write a satisfying story with the universal message of love that the first two games had." If they can, they'll do it, but if not, we'll have to settle for "a strong ending to the second part and that's that." It's not all black and white, of course, and there's a lot at stake, but somehow we don't think they'd give up such a great series so easily, particularly now that it's reached its peak.

As a final note, just a few words. It will be available on PC on March 3 like other Playstation hits, and we expect a remake of the second game won't take too long either.