First look at the gameplay of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf


First look at the gameplay of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
First look at the gameplay of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

There is a very slim chance that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be released before 2024, according to numerous insider sources, so it is not likely to happen. There isn't much information about the development of BioWare's new game as far as EA is concerned, but thanks to recent leaks coming out of Reddit, we have learned a few things we didn't know about the game in question.

This is a post that was published by a certain revanchisto on Reddit in which he shared some information about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but he did not stop there, because he also published a short gameplay video in the same post that provided the first glimpse into what we can expect from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, for the first time.


Dragon Age: Dreadwolf at first glance looks like a classic action role playing game with dynamic hack & slash action, similar to that of the last two God of War games, although the game has a little influence from "Souls." Therefore, a number of Dragon Age fans are not satisfied with the possibility that the game is going to feature a combat component similar to that of the new Final Fantasy games.

This was a rumor that, while true, did not gain the approval of a considerable number of Dragon Age fans. We can see from the attached video that, not only will we be able to stop attacks and counterattacks, but we will also be able to jump, which will further effect the dynamics of the fight in the future.

According to the gameplay clip, the game has already been released in its alpha version, which to some extent confirms the earlier insider information, so it does appear that we will have to wait a while until we get a more concrete representation of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf (and then also its release date).

There are great expectations from this game and the fans are quite impatient. We hope that this game will give us what we expected.