Indy games are reportedly being developed by MachineGames

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Indy games are reportedly being developed by MachineGames
Indy games are reportedly being developed by MachineGames

As some of you may know, the Swedish game studio MachineGames, known for working on many of the last Wolfenstein games, has been working on an ambitious Indiana Jones game for quite some time. In spite of the fact that the game was announced quite a while ago in early 2021, we haven't heard anything new about it since that time.

The good news is that we may have learned something new from the new information that was uncovered from the LinkedIn profile of one of the concept artists of the aforementioned studio, as shown in the new information that was excavated from the LinkedIn profile.

A LinkedIn profile revealing the identity of a concept artist named Gia Nguyen suggests that MachineGames could be working on more than one Indiana Jones project, if the information found there can be believed


The Swedish development team working with Bethesda and Microsoft, after Wolfenstein, is now working on creating a new franchise for this game, but it's still too early to speculate whether or not this is just a bug or the start of another major franchise after Wolfenstein.

Despite this, there is no question that Microsoft and Bethesda will take advantage of the popularity of the legendary Indiana Jones this summer, when the release of the movie is expected, as the popularity of the legendary hero will most certainly increase sharply.

As a result, it's likely that both companies will make the most of this. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Indiana Jones since Todd Howard said that it will be a game that will surprise the ultimate fans with a blend of genres and a creative concept, as well as a game that represents a definitive love letter to them.

As for whether Indiana Jones will be Microsoft's answer to the great narrative PlayStation exclusives that have become so popular, it remains to be seen. A lot of things will be clearer once we see the game at the end of spring, sometime right before E3 2023 and Summer Game Fest 2023, when Microsoft is expected to hold the big show - the game will be released around the end of spring - there has been a rumor that Indiana Jones may also be coming to PlayStation 5 for some time, so it is likely that we will get an answer to that rumor.


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