Dr Disrespect: Those who oppose NFTs in games have no brain

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Dr Disrespect: Those who oppose NFTs in games have no brain

It has been rumored for some time that Guy Beahm, who is better known as Dr Disrespect, has been working on a new shooter called Deaddrop. The game in question is the one that Beahm is selling you the opportunity to beta test in the form of Nfts, and there hasn't been a lot of news about it, so that plan doesn't seem to be going too well.

While the vast majority of developers in the game industry do not like blockchain and NFTs, Dr Disrespect has started to promote these technologies yesterday, in place of the vast majority. “The concept of digital collectibles in an online game is so exciting to me.

Especially in the extraction type of game. Imagine trying to pull off an item worth a hundred thousand dollars. Just think how much fun that would be for the spectators, let alone the player. A new PvP experience is upon us..." - said Dr Disrespect.

Commentators on Twitter

There were, however, some of his followers, as well as some external commentators on Twitter, who did not share the same passion for his work as he did. It was pointed out to him by some of his colleagues that NFT projects are often referred to as scams and pyramid schemes.

In response to this, the developer/streamer did not have very nice things to say about it. "The people who say 'uh, scam' are the ones who mindlessly follow the headlines. The same people who spend a ton of money on skins, buying the same games every year.

And the same skins that everyone else has." – said Dr. Disrespect. There has not really been much progress in the tokenization of games through NTFs in the gaming industry yet. There have been numerous projects that have raised huge sums of money in 2021, but most of the companies that have shown an interest in digital tokens have drawn the wrath of players for their actions.