Mass Effect 3 ending: Fans disappointed

A public poll was used to choose the default appearance of Shepard

by Sead Dedovic
Mass Effect 3 ending: Fans disappointed

A specific event in the world of video games was the Mass Effect trilogy. The stories of different series could span several different games, but rarely does a series retain the player's moves from one game to the next and transfer them from one game to another.

It was this undertaking that Mass Effect took on, and it was also in that third game of the series that we were supposed to experience the culmination of everything that had led up to this point. In the third part of the story, when humanity finds itself in conflict with the advanced Reaper race, which we shaped through two games, it is expected that the character of Shepard, which we shaped through two games, will play an important role in shaping the fate of the world and humanity.

In 2011, a handful of details about BioWare's plans for the grand finale of the trilogy were leaked to the Internet, and the story of the game was also influenced by the fact that the development team debated several different scenarios for the finale.

In reality, many of the fans were not satisfied with the game's ending, which was brought by the game. There has been a lot of talk about the game's ending since its release, and a lot of people felt let down by it after a large part of the audience felt let down by the game's ending.

Mass Effect 3's ending got so serious that petitions were created to change it and it all got so serious that BioWare was forced to take action on the matter. It is important to note that they did not change the ending of the story, but instead expanded it with a free add-on called Extended Cut that was released a month after the game's release.


In terms of mechanics, Mass Effect 3 was mechanically very similar to its predecessors, but this time BioWare presented it in a different manner. A public poll was used to choose the default appearance of Shepard, which was the hitherto neglected female version that was brought to the forefront through marketing campaigns.

The character of Shepard was also retroactively changed to become a bisexual one. There are three different ways to play the game; there is action mode, story mode, and role-playing mode, which may simplify the gameplay even more than in the previous parts.

There were three different types of game modes available: action, story, and RPG. Action required the player to take part in dialogues, story required the player to engage in combat, and RPG required the player to participate in quests.

There were then some unusual ideas implemented in the game, including voice commands for your comrades and the ability to change your weapon using the Xbox Kinect. For the very first time in the series, the game also offered a multiplayer mode, which was a novelty as well.

As the name implies, it was a cooperative version of the game, where players had to survive waves of enemies in a cooperative format. In addition to being able to influence the single-player campaign with multiplayer, one of the most intriguing features was the fact that players could also control other races in the ME universe, each with a different set of peculiarities.