Epic Game Store and self-publishing of video games


Epic Game Store and self-publishing of video games

It is no secret that Epic Games Store has big plans and projects for the future. They will be implementing many new features and improving their system in order to achieve their goal. The Epic Games Store could see the appearance of many more self-publishing tools in the near future.

Epic Games stated: "These tools enable developers and publishers to publish games efficiently, directly maintain a presence in the store, and reach a growing audience of over 68 million monthly active users ." In addition, their revenue sharing model, which takes only a commission of 12 percent when sales are made and a commission of 0 percent if in-app purchases are made using their own payment system, could also be very attractive.

In contrast to Epic Games, Valve on Steam takes a 30 percent commission on all sales and in-app purchases that occur, according to The Verge. Those who wish to publish a game will have to pay 100 dollars a piece.


There are a number of requirements that need to be met in order for this Epic Developer Portal to be used.

Publishes that include multiplayer capabilities must not only adhere to the standard prohibitions against copyright infringement, illegal content, and malware, but also be able to support crossplay on all PC stores if they offer multiplayer functionality.

As part of its quality and functionality criteria, Epic also reserves the right to reject titles if it believes they do not meet the requirements. In the future, we will see how much of an impact these things will have on the progress of the company as well as the development of video games.

There are several more steps that Epic Games is expected to take over the course of the next few years, as the company's leaders want to accomplish a lot in the near future. There is no doubt that this will prove to be beneficial to both creators as well as gamers.